quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

Because we are still here, and we still love you.

- But... So now I have to say that I "loved" her, mom?
- That is right, sweetie - explained the mother, while trying to choose which was the best option for her son to wear at church that sunday: black or yellow shirt?
- But I still love grandma, mom... - said the boy, paying attention to a bird he could see through the window flying outside.
- I know, sweetheart - said the mother, finally deciding that her boy didn't have to wear black. Afterall, who would demmand a propper mourning from a six-year-old... - But now grandma is in heaven... And this is how we have to say now. Whenever someone goes to heaven, we don't say that we love the person. We say that we loved the person. Now take off this dirty shirt, so I can put this new one on you.
The boy obeyed his mother, but didn't stop asking.
- Do you love her, mom? I mean, do you love grandma?
This direct question hit her with all the weight of reality. Her mother was now dead.
- Of course I did, sweetie. I loved her.
- You don't love her anymore? - asked him, looking deeply in his mother's eyes, a bit confused, a bit sad.
- It's not this. It is just the way we say it... She is in heaven now, remember?
- But I am still here. And I feel the love here inside - explained him pointing to his chest.
The mother was touched by that... Actually his confusion made sense. She still loved her mother.
- I feel it too, sweetie. I guess you are right. I do love her.
As he heard his mom saying this, he smiled again! And he raised his arms to his mother, asking for a hug.
- So let's say goodye to grandma, mom! And let's tell her we love her!
And his mother hugged him, with tears rolling from her eyes.

To Dione. Because we are still here, and we still love you.