quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

Plan B :)


Hello everyone!

I thought it would be nice to write some kind of presentation. So… Here it goes!
This blog is my “plan B”. Everybody should have a plan B, right? At least that is what they say… So mine “plan B” is to become a writer.
But usually the idea of having a “plan B” is that you first have a “plan A”. And your plan B works as your backup, the one that will save you when your plan A goes wrong. So… The (good) problem is that I am happy to see that my plan A is doing pretty fine. But then, would this mean that my plan B should be left behind? Hell no! So, I am starting my plan B now! Plans A and B are being held together! And I also have several other plans (C, D, the secret “E”, which I especially love…), and I hope I can tell you about them here, in my plan B!
The blog will put together my two passions: to write and to meet new people! So I will use everyday facts as an excuse to write.
So, now we make some introductions…
I am Gustavofsc, but you can call me Gu. I am Brazilian, from Brasília, and I am currently living in Berlin. That means this blog will be bilingual. I will try to always post things in English and in Portuguese. And I excuse myself beforehand for my mistakes in the English language. It is not my mother language and of course I will make several mistakes. But I hope I can pass you the message. And I hope you, guys, can help me improve my writing skills!
Basically, all you need to know about me are some important facts: I love the smell of wet grass, especially when it rains after a long dry period. I love new sheets in my bed. The first night after changing them is always the best one! Also, I love feeling the sunshine in my skin on cold mornings. What I don't like is to bite grape seeds. I also especially dislike the sound of my alarm clock, during those first seconds of my day. But one thing that can ruin my day is to know the end of a movie, just because someone told me.
I believe that art is an essential part of life and we can find it almost everywhere, if only we pay enough attention.
Welcome to my small Plan B. I hope you like it!


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