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Today it is Thursday, or, how the Germans call it: Donnerstag.
When I first arrived here in Germany, I came straight to Berlin. And I must tell you I was quite impressed by the city. Of course I loved all the monuments and the people and all that. But I was expecting something else. I was expecting Germany to be different. I didn’t think that here I would see trash in the streets or people crossing the street when there is a red light. But yes… These things happen here in Germany. I mean, in Berlin. That is what all my German friends told me when I talked about this with them. “Dude, you are not in Germany! You are in Berlin! Here you have a whole other world!” And this is true! Actually, I think here we have the perfect amount of disorder. In Portuguese, we say that sometimes the exception confirms the rule. And I think that Berlin is the exception that confirms the rest of the country.
Berlin is so unique that the traditional dish here is the Dönner, a Turkish origin sandwich. Well, I wouldn’t call it a dish; it is more like a street food. And don’t get me started with the curry wurst (sausage fried and served with ketchup and curry). In my days here I have seen people eating that only once or twice. But the Dönner is a top choice for our late snacks!
So, a Dönner is basically a huge sandwich made with Kebab, sauce and lots of salad! It is huge! According to my good friend Anne Marie, it is a complete meal! Indeed, you have salad, protein from the meat and the carbohydrate from the bread. And it is very cheap! It is my favorite Berliner meal!

Why am I talking about all that, you may ask… Well, today I start our first Dönnerstag (Dönner day, in German)! I want to make a huge Dönner of everything I can find on the internet which is interesting. And I will post here the links to those pages. The idea is that I can share with you, guys, interesting things that I have seen during my week. And I also want to receive suggestions, so, please, comment and tell me if you know of anything really nice you want to share here in our Dönnertag. I would love to receive your feedback and to get to know new things because of Dönnerstag.
So, shall we go? This is our Dönner for the week:

In English:
  • This Google-Glass video (I feel weird watching it...)
  • This short-video about how Google Glass can interfere in our future (and feeling way weirder about that!)
  • These cute cats explaining us why job hunting sucks!
  • this old CNN article about which are the coolest nationalities ever (guess who are the coolest?)
  • reading Gala Darling telling us about how her trip to LA was (I love her blog)
  • seeing kit kat becoming a work of art, in this great marketing idea! 
  • reading about Margaret Thatcher legacy on The Economist (and thinking that, even thought I do not agree with her liberalism view on politics, I believe we need leaders with strong and consistent convictions, like her)
  • Watching this hilarious video about Cher's reaction to the misunderstanding on the hashtag #NowThatcherIsDead (some fans read it like #NowThatCherIsDead hahahaha)

And in Portuguese:

Have a great day!

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