domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

To Brasília, with love...

It was born of the primary gesture of someone marking a spot or even taking hold of it: two lines crossing forming a right angle. In other words, the sign of the cross itself.
Lúcio Costa (Architect, projector of Brasília)

When I died, one day I opened my eyes and it was Brasília.
I was alone in the world. There was a cab standing near.
No driver. 

And suddenly you miss, among so many monuments and state buildings and so much lightness of the pavements, the humble homes and the humble streets. These that, in other places, are the witnesses of the presence of a humanity, that might be unambitious, but which is loyal and ingrained.

Please, someone hold this city. It is gonna float.
Brasília contradicts itself. Its light arched columns, made of such rigid concrete, are at the same time almost embarrassed to touch the ground. You can feel through them the weight of the entire country.
Gustavo Carneiro 

This city, that first lived within my mind, is now free, 
and does not belong to me anymore, 
- it belongs to Brazil"
Lúcio Costa 


Happy Anniversary

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