quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013


Hey, guys!

Today we have a great sunny Dönnerstag! Even though I am filled with work from school, I think this asks for a great celebration! So, let's take a break and enjoy our Thursday Dönner feast, then!

This is my new favorite artist! Enjoy the work of Rubén, a young Catalán, multi-artist, who draws, writes, films... He just has an amazing magical view of the world (he usually posts in spanish, but I love it when it is in english... his english is just as charming as his drawings)

Have some laughs thinking of what happens, when you live in Berlin!

Enter the magical world of these subaquatical pictures, from Bruce Mozert.

If you understand portuguese, have some reflective moments with the posts (and strips) from Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon.

Keep the reflective moment and think a little bit about why should women change their names when they get married...

And with the same changing feeling, prepare yourself to travel in time! Only now Brazilian maids will have the same labor rights as everyone else (I know... I am ashamed to tell you that they were treated different as anyone else until weeks ago, but I think that slavery had to finally end at some point, right?)

If you need a little more magic, after this cruel truth, get a little more here...

And, let's close with this amazing, very well planned advertising by Dove. I think they made a really good point here... You are more beautiful than you see yourself!

Now get your ass off this computer and go to a park, or a piknik or something! Enjoy your Thursday and the sun!

With love,


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