domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

Where there is sun, this is where I am going...

Berlin, january 29 2013

Today, I saw the sun after a long time without it...

I was at the subway and, after silently sitting in my place, taking care not to establish any visual contact with anybody, I opened my book. Today I started reading again "The unbearable lightness of being". The woman sitting next to me smiled and said "que legal".

I looked at her and smiled back. And I asked if she had enjoyed the book. And that was it! I spent the next 10 minutes getting to know Isabela, who moved from São Paulo to Berlin, with her husband, one and a half year ago. In those ten minutes she told me about her soon to be borne child, about her new life here, about how difficult it is to learn psychology in German. Se even touched me in my arm, can you believe it?

When the voice announced it was her station, se smiled again and told me it had being a pleasure to talk to me.

No. We did not exchange contacts. I don't even know her last name.

But I am happy, because today I saw the sun after several long winter days!

Onde tenha sol, é pra lá que vou... (a Brazilian song that says: where there is sun, this is where I am going...).

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