quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2013


Hallo Leute!

How's it going? Has spring caught you, yet? I am sure the warm wheater and the smells, colors and sounds of spring are already making a difference in everyone's life. But hold on. It is not summer yet. We still need to work hard before we can enjoy our vacation. And I must tell you that this week has been a quite hard one! At least for me this has not been easy. But this is good! Easy things are boring... And I think it is always better when it is harder ;).
That is why I think today I could use a very light Dönner, to match the heaviness of the week. Whatcha think?
So, come fly with me...

Would you like to travel in time? 
Flóra Borsi, a bulgarian photografer would. And she made her dream come 
true with those funny photoshop pictures!

But who needs a time machine, when you have Vanity Fair showing us the marvellous Audrey Hepburn being as diva as one can get! Oh, the sixties...

You know what? I really enjoyed this travelling in time thing... So, let's go to Communist Romania with Andrei Pandele. I am glad he took those forbidden pictures. But I was even more amaze by his interview. Check it out here.

Well... Was it too much? Sorry. Let's go back to lighter things. To keep the theme of old things and turing back time, how 'bout some Cher?

Haha! Now... Let's be serious, guys... Let's come back to art, with Alexa Meade! She basically mixes reality and paintings. She paints real people as they were work of art. Check it out!

And to close this thursday with some laughs, tell me if you agree that being in your late twenties is not the same as being in yout early twenties... I know I do!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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