quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

I'd rather stay with the innocence of the children's answer

Hey guys!

Today I will restrain from writing to much. I have tons of work to do for School and I cannot think of anything to write here, once the song I translated for you already tells us everything.
This morning I had a special group riding the bus with me. A group of 6 year-olds going to a day trip with their teachers. They reminded me how simple and beautiful life really is! And this is something we should always keep in our minds!
I share with you one of my favorite songs! A beautiful Samba composed by Gonzaguinha. I also share with you our great brazilian singer Maria Bethania, giving this samba her version.
And for now, I go back to my papers and texts and all the rest... But keeping the children's answer close to my mind... Or even better: inside my heart.

Have a great Wednesday!


What is it again? (O que é, o que é?)

I'd rather stay
With the innocence
Of the children's answer
It is life! It is beautiful
And it is beautiful...

To live!
And to not be ashamed
Of being happy!
To sing, and sing, and sing
The beauty of being forever an apprentice always learning

Oh, my God!
I know, I know
That life should be way better (and it will be!)
But this will not keep me from repeating
It is beautiful, it is beautiful
And it is beautiful...

And life?
What is life?
Please, tell me, my brother
It is the beating of a hearth
It is a sweet illusion
Hê! Ho!
And life
Is it wonderful
Or is it only suffering?
Is it joy
Or is it moan?
What is it? What is it?
My brother...
Some might say
That our life
Is nothing
That it is just a rain drop, that it is only a moment
Less than a second....
Others might say
It is divine
A deep mystery
It is the creator's breath
And filled with love...

Maybe you say it is fight and pleasure
And others say life is just living
And she might even say that it is not worth living
Because she lost her love
And that life's true verb is "to suffer"...

All I know is that I trust in the lady
And in her I put my faith
We are the ones who build our lives
And make of it whatever we want...
Life is always wanted
No matter how wrong we are leading it
Nobody wants death
Only health and luck...
And the question remains
And our head keeps thinking about it

But for me...
I'd rather stay
With the innocence
Of the children's answer
It is life! It is beautiful
And it is beautiful... 

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