segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

The Storyteller

By Rebeca Sahagun

I remember our first conversation (I always do with special people). He asked – Hey! And you...where are you from?
Mexico, I replied.
We were on the subway, line U6. This happened while waiting for the train. He told me he studied law, now he wanted to try something else. I think public policy was about trying something else, discovering new things.
He did discover that something else, but not at school. Usually important things are not learned in the classroom.
I saw the transformation from Plan B to action, from a blog to a novel, from a hobby to a lifestyle. He is not a lawyer, he is a storyteller. He could talk about academics, a party, a daily routine and make them sound interesting with a beginning, a middle and an end, as storytellers do. Storytellers make words convert into characters, landscapes, fragrances and so on. They have the power to transport you to other perspectives, other lives, other places and other times. It is about playing with the imagination, with the possibilities of other ways, of saying ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’ or vice versa, of having more than one life, more than one death.
As the storyteller is creating the story a process of revelation begins. It starts with wanting to tell your story, then the other version, followed by the third character witness and finally unraveling in a world of no limitations, where one can be a boy living in a farm in the 19th century, a housewife cheating on her husband in some suburb, a painter in the highest peak of his career.
From mouth, to paper, to me, the storyteller was inspiration. Thank you! 

PS: This text is a gift I got from my friend Rebeca Sahagun... It meant a lot to me to know she spent time generating, dreaming and writing those lines. Thank you, Rebeca!

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