quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

About Guilt

Dear friends,

I am proud to announce I now have my very own zine! If you have no idea of what I am talking about, read more about it here. If you already know what a zine is, please, talk to me and we will figure it out how you can get one! The idea behind zines is that it is non-commercial. That does not mean there is no price on it. I am happy to sell my hardwork-zine for 2 euros! Or I will be even happier to trade it with you for another zine or artwork you have. I want to see how many new things I can get to know from this experience... 
The illustrations are from the amazing catalán artist Rubén MY. And I am amazed by how he could capture all the emotions Marcus Butner felt! You will be impressed by his work.
Lastly, I ask you: you don't have to be worried with me... This is a work of fiction and I am a very happy, healthy and social person.
Now, let me give you guys a piece of "About Guilt". I hope you enjoy it!

“What do you claim in your defense?” a strange old man asked him.
Marcus Butner looked around and he couldn't believe it. He wasn’t at home anymore. This weird place didn’t look like anything familiar. It was so quiet and cold… And despite those two guards standing in front of him, he didn’t have any clue of what was going on... Had he heard it right? Was he being accused of something? No… That couldn’t be true… It was just a dream, he knew. Maybe one of the most vivid dreams he ever had. But still, only a dream.

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