terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014


Hey y'all

I haven't spoken here, but I am taking an online writing course. It is really good, from the Open University. I will be posting here the homework assignments I have...
This week I had to write about a character descriptively. I had to do it in 200 words only. And just telling you, this is a work of fiction... So I decided to be a teenager talking about the "Old-crazy-cat-lady"...
I would love to receive any feedback from you! Tell me if there is anything I can improve, if you feel I am using wrong words, or even grammar mistakes. It would mean a lot to me.



I just hate rainy days! Everything is fucked up! I mean, just look at my bus! It’s always empty! And I can always sit! But not that Tuesday, no! It had to be completely crowded! And the worst part is that no one had any space, like, nothing! I had to stand next to this old lady with her walker. She was literally occupying the space of three people! I mean, we have to respect the elderly and all that shit, but come on! She was using lots and lots of public space… And the worse part is that she didn’t even care! I tried to make some room for myself, but more people walked into the bus and I had to move even closer to her. That was gross! I mean, I hate old people... And I almost had to sit in the corner of her walker, for God's sake! I tried to say sorry, don't get me wrong, but she didn't seem to care too much. She kept looking away. So I gave her a closer look. She was the typical eighty year-old, with this white helmet-like hair, you know? Those granny-looking haircuts? She had one of those. And she also had some white fur in her black sweater. I guess she was one of those old ladies that lives alone with eight cats. Old-crazy-cat-lady. Hell yeah! That's what she was!

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