domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014


- Yes.
- Hello... Uh... Good morning...
- ...
- ...
- May I help you?!
- I am sorry, I would like to speak to His Excellency, Justice Brito Couto.
- This is him. What is this about?
- I apologize, Sir, I am from the Student's Union of the Law School... From the University of Brasilia... We are organizing a Conference about Constitutional Law and...
- Is this an invitation? Would you please tell me when is this event?
- Oh, sorry, we are still not sure, but it could be in March.
- How come you are not sure?
- It is just that, we are willing to adequate ourselves to fit our speakers' needs.
- I understand... And what is this Conference about?
- Fiscal Law at the Supreme Court. We... We'd like to discuss your legacy at the Jurisprudence of the Court...
- I see... My young man, I have a relationship of profound admiration towards the University of Brasilia. But I will have to take a look at this invitation with care. Please send me the program, would you? With all the dates, time, other guests... And I will give you an answer as soon as possible.
- This will be great, Your Excellency. What is your e-mail?
- No, I do not work with that. Please have it delivered here at my place.
- I'm sorry?
- Send it to my home. I am retired now, so I do not have an office anymore.
- What do you mean? By post?
- I don't care how! Look, you will make me a proper invitation on a nice sheet of paper. Then you will put it in a nice envelope and have it delivered here! At my house! I do not care if you use the post, an office boy or if you deliver it yourself...
- Yes. I am sorry.
- Young people these days... Frankly...
- I am sorry, Sir. Could you give me your address?
- Oh, yes... Only a minute, please. Martha! What is our address again?
- ...
- Just write it down... SQS 312... Martha! What is it? Could you tell me our address? Martha! Would you wait for just a second? My wife is not around... Martha! And the Court does not provide us with any staff... It is unbelievable! When you are working you are so important... So requested all the time! Martha! But then you retire and you become no one! The Court does not provide us any driver or secretary or even a car! Nothing! Martha! Wait for just a second, I will be right back.
- No worries. I wait here...
- Here it is: SQS 212! Please note that it wasn't 312, but 212... Building V, apartment 402. Maybe you need the Zip code also? Write it down 77049-003.
- ...003. Done, Your Excellency! Look, I am very grateful for your attention and patience. We will work on the best program and send you properly. Then we will wait anxiously for your answer.
- Alright, I thank you too.
- Thank you, Sir. Have a great day!
- You too, young man.

His Excellency hang up the phone and looked around. His home was back to its usual silence. He walked back to his living room and sat at the sofa. Turned on the TV and started watching a morning show about health style eating. He looked carefully around, just to make sure he was not being watched... "Martha..." Nothing. So he put his hand inside the inner pocket of his sweater and took one of the chocolates he had smuggled earlier, against the diet his Doctor had prescribed. And he ate it while watching a young lady teaching how to bake the best diet chocolate cake in the world.

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Ankur Goyal disse...

Good one...can one let go of in mind and life actually....

Gustavofsc disse...

Can one let go of past? :)